Fake Food s specializes in custom manufacturing of artificial food. Fake Food s manufacturers plastic food replica models to your exact needs, using real foods to create faux food models. Using artificial fruit, meats, cheeses and breads, you can create a beautiful long-lasting food display.

High Quality Replica Fake Foods for Display and Props

We Can Make Any Custom Replica Food Item

Here's an unusual sandwich! It's Boar's Head's way of getting attention to the meat selection on the sandwiches being served using their meats. This serves a great way to brand your products to customers who might look for Boar's Head Meats next time.
Custom imprinting on replica foods is a snap with our products! Want to leave an everlasting image with targeted clients? We have just the answer. No matter what your need for advertising specialties, we can develop that special product.
Get the attention a new product roll out deserves! If you want to make sure a new product has a good trial rate, then let eye appeal equal buy appeal! Impulse buying is everything when it comes to ad-on sales. Food replicas are also a great way to train employees on how real items are made!

Here are just some ideas on how to use replica foods:

1. Advertising Specialties: Custom print your logo and business on your food product for that special client! They make great business cards, key chains, magnets, earrings, desk decor, business card holders and much more!

2. Displays: Our products are the perfect answer for displays in windows, shelves, and anywhere you need to display real foods. With our products, your display can be set up once and kept for daily use! Saves on labor and on food waste. Our products won't melt away like your profits using real foods!


3. Chef and Buffet use: Our gourmet garnishes and buffet enhancements will make any buffet grand.


4. Decor: Decorate with replica foods! You will find many products in-stock and ready to order! You'll find breads, fruits, vegetables and much more. Our product list grows by the day.


5. Impulse Sales: Ever go out to eat and the server brings the desert tray around? Eye appeal is buy appeal and customers eat with their eyes! Want to sell a particular menu item? We can help you sell more...and more!


6. Training: What a great way to show employees how the end product is supposed to look. Now employees can see how much ice cream to put in a cone, how much cheese sauce on a baked potato, how to put a sandwich together, and even how to fold the sandwich wrapper! Cut food waste by making sure that employees don't over portion. Help employees train before you put them on the front line. Make sure employees know the recipe!


7. Sales Kits: Why send fresh product to your sales people every week? Why not have your sales people carry food replicas packaged in your shrink wrap or containers? No more waste and the client won't be asking for costly samples. Show and sell products...food replicas are the perfect answer!


8. New Product Roll outs: Want to be sure that your new product has the chance for customer trial? Don't count on employees to suggestively sell, let replica foods do the selling for you!
9. Tired Menu Items: Have an item that is very profitable but no one orders it anymore? Don't take it off the menu...put it front of their eyes and let the magic of eye appeal do it's work!

10. Party and Catering Events: Want to make the perfect impression without increasing labor cost? Use fresh looking gourmet garnishes do the work for you. Simply rinse them off and they're ready for the next event! They always look fresh!


11. Direct Mail: Want to make sure every envelope is opened up with that costly mailing? How about this: put a silk screened slice of bologna inside the envelope and tell them the envelope is 'Full of Bologna'! Your prospective client will keep that mailing piece forever! Best of all, it has your sales information on it!


12. Class Room Teaching: Let the magic of replica foods overwhelm your students. Teaching dietary practices becomes easier with the use of life-size models.
13. Trade Shows, Showrooms, Model Homes, Specialty Stores: Display faux foods to help bring the right kind of ambiance to your specialty store. Trade show equipment comes alive when it looks like it's ready for business. Model homes and showrooms help the buyer feel at home when applying the use of faux foods. Add that extra warm touch and watch sales and the possibilities grow!



High Quality Replica Foods for Display and Props

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