How to Make Replica Food

Our products have many names used in the industry: fake food, replica food, faux food, artificial food, imitation food, wax food and even rubber food! Most laymen refer to our products as fake food.

Making fake food is no easy task! Every item is handcrafted using the safest and highest quality materials. Then, each item is carefully hand painted for the ultimate in realism.

Let's get started: We are going to make a custom foot long hot dog with chili, cheese and onions. Let's start with making only the hot dog part.

1. Gather the materials: We need 3 real samples of the hot dog. One for making the mold. One for color matching and one for a backup in case the mold does not come out properly.

2. Let's make some molds: We first have to make a mold for the hot dog. The mold must be set up for the product's size and volume. We use liquid silicon which must be mixed for the products we are about to create. Liquid silicon is very expensive so care must be made in making the molds.

3. Once the mold has set up, generally between 24-48 hours(depending on the weather and environment), the real item is carefully extracted form the mold and the mold is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

4. Next, we must mix the plastisol(liquid plastic) to the right color. Color matching is very important to the end product appearance.

5. Once we achieve the right color of plastisol, the plastic is poured into the mold.

6. The mold is then cooked in a 'Super Microwave', then transferred to a industrial convection oven where is finished cooking off.

7. The mold is then water cooled to set and harden the plastic.

8. Once the plastic is cooled, the cast is removed.

9. The cast is then cleaned.

10. Then, the part line on the cast is removed by grinding down the excess plastic.

11. The grind marks are then buffed or hand rubbed with a thinning agent to smooth out the surface.

12. The product is again dried and quality checked.

13. Next, the color matching for the end product is conducted. Once the color match has been done, we can begin painting the end product.

14. Then the product is dried.

15. Next the product is quality checked again for assembly.

Now, so far all we have made is the hot dog! Imagine. We have to make all the parts for our chili dog. The bun, the onion, and the chili! All those little beans, small pieces of meat, spices, liquid...and so on.

16. After all the parts are made, painted and assembled, we check for quality again.

17. Then, finally, it is carefully bagged and packaged for it's trip to you for your approval.

There are about a hundred steps which we left out...but we think you might get the idea.

In order for us to meet the careful eye of our customer, You, and eventually your customer, everything must be perfect. It takes time to produce replica foods. Each item is carefully made for the highest realism.

There's an old saying, "You get what you pay for".

You may find a cheaper product somewhere else, but you will never find a higher quality product anywhere else.

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