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Custom Fake Food Quotes

With Our Capabilities, Years of Experience and Expertise, whether you need a volume of 100 or 10,000 pieces, Fake Foods can help you minimize food waste, decrease labor cost and boost your profits when you display foods.

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Procedures for Receiving a Quote

Please note that we have minimum orders for custom pieces. Our business model is based off quantity work and we do not manufacture less than 25 pieces of any single item.

1. Take quality photo's of the product(s) you want to get a quote on.

2. Write down a description of the product; including any ingredients that may not be openly visible.

3. Write down dimensions (L x W x H) of each product.

4. Write down the number of pieces of each item you want made.

5. Email all the above information along with pictures to:


We do extensive work with food manufacturers